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About Us

Valve Reconditioning Service (VRS) was founded in 1969 and later incorporated in 1977.

In order to maintain the highest quality and lowest overall cost to our customers, VRS has made several investments to enhance our relationships:

  1. We have purchased all the necessary equipment to perform heat treating and stress relieving for all valves
  2. We have increased our machining capabilities by adding electronic valve testing equipment, hydro set and a portable orbital welder
  3. Doubled the size of our facility to 30,000 sq.ft. to accomodate warehousing of long lead time spare parts and replacement valves for Just In Time (JIT) delivery to our customers
  4. We have over $1,500,000 invested in inventory for our customers

VRS has a state of the art asset management system which has the capability of tracking all testing, repairs and replacements of all valves in the customers system.

In 2008, VRS opened their Pipeline Division to service the gas transmission and distribution industry.