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Conval’s Valve line provides a modular solution to rising maintenance expenses. The cost of plant shutdown time to replace valves can be as much as or even exceed the cost of equipment.


Conval’s Valves are designed and built for extreme longevity. Features such as electroless nickel plated finish, complete material traceability of all wetted parts and yoke, instantly establish the quality of the Clampseal® Valve.

Valves built forty years ago are still in service today.

The savings from using a Conval valve over the lifetime of a facility are substantial. Low acquisition cost is not nearly as important as low cost over the serviceable life of a valve. Maintaining a Conval valve is far easier and much less costly than replacing a competitor’s valve. Contact us today and we’ll help you get the best high-pressure, high-temperature valve for your needs.

See below for information and brochures on Conval's extensive product line


Globe Valve 

Clampseal® Severe Service Globe Valves are tailored to exact customer requirements. Angle, T-Pattern, and Y-globe body styles available.

Gate Valve

Clampseal® Swivldisc Severe Service Gate Valves are designed for the most demanding high-pressure, high-temperature applications..

Ball Valve 

Zero leakage, superior bearing support, and in-line servicing are what you can expect with these Clampseal® Severe Service Ball Valves.

Strainer Valve

Simple and rugged with a wide range of strainer element hole sizes. Socket or integral blowoff valve option available on all sizes.

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