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specialty welding

One type of specialty welding we offer is Orbital welding, a specialized area of welding whereby the arc is rotated mechanically through 360° (180 degrees in double up welding) around a static work-piece, an object such as a pipe, in a continuous process. 

Though we are not limited to Orbital Welding, we are one of 8 shops in the US that hold an R-Stamp in their welding program so contact us today with your specialty welding needs. 

View the slide show of one of our latest projects, 8 large scale Water Circulating Inlet Bars for American Electric Power!

VRS orbital welding capabilities are not only efficient and precise, but it also offers a range of benefits that traditional welding methods cannot match. It produces high-quality, leak-free welds that comply with industry standards and regulations, ensuring maximum safety and reliability. Plus, the fast welding speeds and reduced heat input mean less stress on the metal components, minimizing the risk of distortion or warping.


Overall, if you need to recondition valves, investing in orbital welding capabilities is a smart move. It ensures that your valves will be repaired or upgraded to the highest standards, with welding that is strong, precise, and long-lasting.

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