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Valve Reconditioning Service Celebrates 50 Years Of Business

MELVINDALE, Mich., May 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- This spring, Valve Reconditioning Service (VRS), a family-run company in Melvindale, Michigan, celebrates the 50th anniversary of their business. The company, founded in June 1969 by Italian immigrant Mario Carbonaro in the heart of Michigan, has over the last half century transformed into a full service one-stop-shop for valve repair, testing, sales, remanufacturing, fabrication, and modification.

Since its inception and humble beginnings, VRS has since tripled the size of its facility and tripled its workforce. When Mario Carbonaro passed away in May of 1977 at the early age of forty-seven, he was succeeded by his late wife Phyllis Carbonaro, and then his sons Sam, Michael, and John who expanded his vision for VRS into a top-level supplier of service. Since then, Michael and his wife Angela Carbonaro have grown Valve Reconditioning Service into what it is today, a leader as a repair provider for all power plants and industries. As a family owned and operated business, VRS treats its customers and staff as members of the Carbonaro family.

VRS was founded and is proud to have served and continue to service Marathon Oil, US Steel and Consumers Energy as their first customers. Throughout its history, VRS has been responsible for working with top Michigan power providers DTE Energy and Consumer Energy and has worked on over 500 forced outages in the state of Michigan to help keep the lights on for its customers. The company has evolved into a sophisticated and multifaceted repair, sales and service organization with over 40 employees providing service across 18 states, and several different countries, while maintaining the quality and service and safety its main priority.

Milestones under Michael and Angela Carbonaro's corporate leadership include:

Becoming a VR Certified Shop by the National Board of Pressure Vessels Inspectors in 1989Certified as a WBENC Women Owned Business of Michigan in 20111 in 8 independent shops in the country to have a A.S.M.E Section IX in its welding scope, which sets us apart from our peers as a top-level supplier and service providerCertified with an 'R Stamp' in April of 2016, which signifies the ability processes for fabrication, repairs and/or alterations of boilers, pressure vessels and other pressure-retaining items are made in accordance with the ASME and NBBI codes

"As second-generation valve expert I am proud to continue expanding this industry, through training younger generations. I am excited to celebrate this milestone and look forward to continuously expand and grow in an industry I love." - Mike Carbonaro

"As a CEO of a woman owned business I am proud to have expanded my expertise past business into valve specific knowledge in a predominantly male field where I serve as an industry expert." - Angela Carbonaro

As VRS kicks off its 50th year, the company invites its customers, suppliers, and colleagues to recognize all that they have achieved together over the last half-century and enjoy a world-class celebration with three days of food, fun and demonstrations such as orbital welding, safety valve and live steam testing.

  1. Three Day Power Generation Event – On June 5th-7th VRS will open its doors to showcase to our customers our appreciation and demonstrate VRS' in-shop & field capabilities.

  2. The New VRS Web Site – Recently re-designed to be more modern and user friendly. The new site will also allow all of our customers access to our SWAN asset management program. It features all of VRS' capabilities for both on-site and field service.

  3. Fifty Amp Fuse – Live concert featuring Detroit's #1 Cover Band on June 6th from 5-10 PM. Fifty Amp Fuse lead singer, Remy, has been a childhood friend to the Carbonaro family for years and is truly an amazing talent to see perform live.

ABOUT VALVE RECONDITIONING SERVICE Valve Reconditioning Service (VRS) has provided valve repair, modification and remanufacturing service both on site and in house all over the country since 1969. Based in Melvindale, MI, VRS served as a complete valve repair center that specializes in multifaceted repairs for a variety of process valves. VRS prides itself in its workmanship and takes all measures to ensure that the safety, quality, and integrity of its work is above industry standards, with documentation to substantiate. VRS is proud to have to be a WBENC member and woman owned and operated company in the state of Michigan. Its proven track record, superior knowledge, expertise, and relationships have made us the #1 repair and supply facility in the Midwest for the past 50 years.

SOURCE Valve Reconditioning Service

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